Information for employers

Who are our clients and jobseekers?

  • Professionals
  • Skilled migrants
  • Unskilled migrants

Great reasons why you should hire our MCLaSS jobseekers

1. Our jobseekers speak English as a second language and bring a multicultural dimension to your workplace

2. Our jobseekers possess a strong work ethic having survived tough life circumstances

3. Our jobseekers are resilient and bring enthusiasm and motivation to succeed in their new country –  NEW ZEALAND

4. We offer on-going support to the employer and employee for six months after a job placement

Our job-seekers meet employment criteria

  • All our jobseekers are legally entitled to work in New Zealand
  • Phone the MCLaSS employment support team on 384 3693, or email
    us at

Offer work experience to a recently arrived refugee or migrant

You could offer a period of work experience to help a recently arrived refugee or migrant learn some of the skills they will need to gain employment in your type of business?

About skilled and professional jobseekers

Some skilled migrants and refugees find it difficult to find and keep a job here because they don’t know enough about the differences between employer’s expectations and workplace cultures in New Zealand compared with in their country of origin.

A fixed-term voluntary placement in a local business can provide them with valuable insights into what it is like to work in New Zealand while performing a useful short-term role in the business.

There is no obligation for you to employ them after the placement (although some employers have done so, because their volunteer has demonstrated that they can add considerable value to the business).

The client’s employment coach will monitor the placement and will help you overcome any difficulties if there are any.

About semi-and unskilled job-seekers

Twice a year, students in our Workplace Language Courses in Wellington, Hutt and Porirua go on two-week work experience placements, part- or full-time, in semi-skilled and un-skilled jobs.


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The courses teach how to communicate in English in the workplace, how to read and understand the written language used in many workplaces, how to get on well with their workmates and how to meet the expectations of New Zealand employers.

An important part of the course is work experience, where the students can practice their new communication skills and find out what working in New Zealand is really like.

The teacher will visit you to explain the programme, to become familiar with the kind of work the student will do and to ask about any words, especially instructional language, that the student should to learn and any procedures the student should know about before starting the placement.

When your student has been selected, the teacher will bring him/her to meet you before the placement starts.

At the end of the placement, you will be asked to provide some feedback that will help the teacher and the student to understand what the student should still work on to improve their chances of getting a job.

Offer a work placement today

Ring Neda , the programmes manager on 021 194 0820 or office 384 3693 to find out more or discuss a work placement for a migrant and refugee job-seeker.

Fill a job vacancy with us today

Ring Alison on 021 194 1107 or Robert on 027 494 0045, our employment coaches to talk to us about your job vacancy. We can match the right migrant and refugee to your workplace.