Employment Support

The MCLaSS employment support team are skilled in helping adult refugees and migrants to develop their job-seeking skills and find suitable employment in New Zealand.

We help people write marketable CVs, guide them in making effective job applications, and develop their networking skills. We provide practice for job interviews, introduce them to New Zealand workplace customs and employers’ expectations.

We may also:

  • ring prospective employers for them or go with them to an employment interview
  • arrange short unpaid job placements to give them the work experience they need to be successful in getting a job.

We work one-to-one with our clients and we also offer group activities where jobseekers can network and find out from employers and other experts about working in New Zealand.

People who can use our employment support services must be migrants and refugees:

  • who are looking for work as professionals, skilled workers or unskilled workers and
  • whose first language is not English and
  • who live in the Wellington region (Wellington, Porirua, Hutt Valley) and
  • who are legally entitled to work in New Zealand.

Our employment support team provides ongoing support to the jobseeker and employer for six months after a person begins work.

MCLaSS services are free to jobseekers and employers.

Call (04) 384 3693

Email: office@mclass.org.nz

If you are a jobseeker, click here for more information.

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