ESOL Assessment

This service is for refugees and migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds who want to know:

  • what their English language strengths and weaknesses are
  • what courses they could enrol in to improve their English

We can advise you if:

  • your English isn’t good enough for the kind of work you want to do
  • your English isn’t good enough for the tertiary courses you want to enrol in
  • you want to improve your everyday English and don’t know which course is right for your needs

How we can help you

Your session with the advisor will take about an hour and a half.

What will happen at the meeting?

1) Diagnosis

The advisor will talk with you and ask you to do some reading and writing. These activities will identify:

  • your level of spoken and written English
  • your previous education
  • your learning style
  • your priorities and goals
  • your personal circumstances that are relevant to what kind of ESOL courses you can do (such as access to transport, family circumstances, financial situation)

2) Advice

On the basis of this assessment the advisor will:

  • help you understand what you are good at in using English and what you need to improve
  • help you plan a study path towards your career goals
  • show you some ways you can improve your English by yourself
  • tell you about the ESOL courses in the Wellington region
  • tell you about some of the services that can help you in your search for work

The advisor will also help you make an appointment to talk to the ESOL course provider of your choice if you cannot do this by yourself.

3) Follow-up

A few weeks after the meeting, the advisor will contact you to find out if you have been able to enrol in the course you chose and to check if you need any further help.


The programmes are free to permanent residents.

 How to make an appointment

Contact us at MCLaSS to make an appointment.
Phone    04 384 3693