Information for jobseekers

Looking for work? Here’s how we can help you!

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  • If you are a migrant or former refugee
  • and English is not your first language
  • and you are entitled to work in
    New Zealand
  • and you have left school
  • and you are not studying at a university or polytechnic
  • and you are looking for professional work, skilled work or unskilled work

    We can help you find a job


  • At your first appointment, your employment coach will ask you about yourself and the kind of work you can do and the kind of job you want.
  • Then you will meet several times and work together to develop your job-search skills and plan what you will do to make yourself job-ready.
  • Your employment coach will stay in touch with you until you get a job and you can ask for more meetings whenever you need them.
  • When you get a job, your employment coach will continue to stay in touch with you for the first 6 months so that you can discuss anything about the job that is worrying you or ask for help to sort out a problem.

Here’s how we can help you find work

  • Write your CV
  • Practice interview skills
  • Learn how to job-search
  • Understand the requirements of the job you want to apply for
  • Learn what New Zealand employers expect
  • Learn what to do if you have problems in your job
  • Understand how to manage the transition from being unemployed to being employed
  • Contact possible employers
  • Talk to your employer when there is a problem

Join a group session for job seekers or be a volunteer

  • Run group sessions where you can learn from other job-seekers and from employers and other experts.
  • Can help you get short-term unpaid jobs that will give you the work experience you need to get a paid job

Contact us today

  • Visit, phone or email and give your name and phone number
  • Say you want MCLaSS to help you find work
  • Then one of our employment coaches will ring you to make an appointment

Visit us here

  • Multicultural Services Centre, Level 1, 39 Webb St, Wellington
  • Citizens Advice Bureau, corner Queens Drive and Laings Road, Lower Hutt

Email: or Phone 04 384 3693