About Us

MCLaSS is a non-profit organisation that assists migrants and refugees to learn English and we provide a range of free support services in the Wellington region.

About us



At MCLaSS, our focus is on helping adult refugees and migrants in the Wellington region whose first language is not English through:

  • Beginner English courses
  • Help in their search for work
  • Help in identifying what theirĀ 
  • English learning needs are and in developing their education pathways.


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Vision: That all refugees and other migrants have access to the language development and learning and employment opportunities that they need to achieve their full social and economic potential; and that cultural and linguistic identity are appreciated as strengths to be encouraged, enjoyed and valued.

Purpose: To provide education and employment pathways for refugees and other migrants for whom English is an additional language and to support activities which maintain cultural and linguistic identity.

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Our services are delivered primarily through contracts with the Tertiary Education Commission and the Ministry of Social Development.

They are also supported through grants from the Wellington City Council, Hutt City Council and several trusts, and by the community venues where we conduct classes and interviews at affordable rentals.